A night on the town with DaBelly
By Naughty Mickie
Photos by Bernardo Alps 

I was looking forward to this evening. I was going to meet the winners of our ticket giveaway and spend some time in "Hollyweird"-- one of my favorite places. I got down to the Key Club early and found staff photographer, Bernardo Alps, lazing back comfortably in a booth. Mona For Now, www.monafornow.com, was on the stage and Bernardo assured me that he had gotten a few cool shots of them already.

Mona For Now was hot, waking up the club with their original tunes and preparing us for the night ahead. As they wrapped up their set, I discovered that our winner, Kim Eshoo, and her guest, Sean Dooner, had arrived. I welcomed them and we promptly went to the bar for a round of drinks.

Next up was Fifi Larue, "The Gothic Killer Clown of Rock 'n' Roll," www.fifilarue.com. His act is a little difficult to describe, but I will try to catch its essence. Fifi fronts the band in face paint and black attire a la KISS. His band also gets in the mood with makeup and traditional rock and roll gear. The set takes you back in time to the age of theatrical rock bands, such as Alice Cooper and KISS. Larue uses mannequins and a beautiful live girl to carry out his evil desires as he growls through the numbers, waving around a dagger for good measure. Shock rock or good ol' fashioned fun-- call it what you want, his fans were in full force and screaming for more when his time had ended.

Larue honored us by coming out to chat briefly with Kim and Sean and smile for Bernardo. He has become a staple in the Southland's music scene will be playing at the Galaxy next month with L.A Guns and Quiet Riot if you're curious about his act.

Killingbird took the stage with the finesse of a much more seasoned group. These young guys had catchy tunes, stage presence and the crowd eating out of their hands. I expect to hear more of this hard rocking, hard working band in the future. For now, check them out at www.killingbird.com.

This show turned out to be an extra treat for Sean, as it was Gazzarri's Night, complete with the club's classic bikini contest. Four scantily clad cuties took the stage to strut their stuff for the judges and audience. They were easy on the eyes, but the long-winded emcee left something to be desired-- he should have let the girls do the "talking."

Faster Pussycat seemed to take forever. We waited and waited and waited some more, until finally, the curtain fell open. But our patience was not in vain, FP is just as good as ever and put on a great show. The crowd sang along with their hits like, "House of Pain," "Slip of the Tongue," "Whip" (one of my faves) and "Little Dove" (my most favorite FP song). The band members took turns coming to the front of the stage to tease the audience who went crazy trying to touch them. In addition to the players' antics, there was a fire-eater on stage, as well as an assortment of the band's friends helping them out on some of the songs.

The night ended way too soon, but the crowd was left how one should be-- wanting more. Faster Pussycat is currently recording a live album, but has not announced a release date at time of this article. Keep tabs on what FP is up to at their site www.fasterpussycat.com.

I bid Kim and Sean adieu. They had a great time and Kim was even losing her voice from screaming for the bands!

Four great groups, a cool club and a free night out on the town...  next time it could be you.

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