CARPATHIACarpathia - 1912
By Sara Lambeth
Photos courtesy of Carpathia

Boston based alternative rock band Carpathia came together piece by piece over the last three years. Their style of rock blends in nostalgic nu metal, groovy guitars and beautiful vocals that are packed full of punch.  June 9th, 2019 Carpathia gave the world a taste of what is to come with "1912." This four track EP features the single, "Sacrifice," the band released as a lyric video. Vocalist Samantha Alice gives us an inside look into Carpathia and "1912."

DB: Congratulations on your EP "1912." How has the response been to the release?

SA: Thank you. It seems like people are genuinely loving the EP. Weve been fortunate enough to have people sharing and talking about it with others, which always helps.

DB: I am assuming your band name and EP title are related to the Titanic. Is that correct and can you elaborate on the inspiration behind them?

SA: Youve got it. Originally our bassist Andrew was researching captains of ships' names. We knew we wanted to have some kind of connection with ships, the ocean, any nautical theme, and he stumbled across the RMS Carpathia. 

DB: The song "Sacrifice" lyrically could be interpreted as one's emotions struggling to survive or persevere in a side situation. What was fueling the band's vision behind this song?

SA: "Sacrifice" was one of those songs that came together fairly quickly, like it was meant to be written. Id been in a pretty shitty relationship at the time, and when I showed up to practice that day, Andrew started playing that killer intro and it legitimately felt like he was playing notes that my soul could feel at the time. Id never felt so low, or so depressed in my entire life, and I could remember just pouring everything I had into that song. Its my baby.

DB: The first time I listened to "Sacrifice" I was not expecting to hear guttural screams vocally. Going back, I can hear hints that it is coming. Was this intentional to surprise listeners?

SA: I wouldnt say to surprise listeners, though Im sure it always does. I never scream just to scream.  There has to be an intention, a reason for me to be provoked and I was certainly angry enough and had thought that the listener should feel my rage and frustration just as Id had felt.

DB: What was the deciding factor to release "1912" as an EP instead of full length album?

SA: To be honest, its an expensive and time worthy endeavor to be in studio. Also, at the time we had finally found our sound and we wanted to give people a snippet of what would come later down the road. As we speak, we are in studio recording our second EP, and we already cant wait to show people what more we have for them.

DB: You have a show coming up with Puddle of Mudd. What else does Carpathia have coming up that can be shared with us? 

SA: Yes. We've played with Puddle of Mudd before, at the Worcester Palladium and they are wonderful musicians and people so we are stoked to have the chance to play with them again. After that, we will be up in Massachusetts July 27th at Poor Richards in Chicopee, and on Aug 16th we will be performing at Koto in Salem Massachusetts . We are discussing our first tour for the fall, although nothing is set in stone as of yet. 

DB:  Is there anything you would like to add?

SA: We would like to thank our friends, family and fans for their continuous support and for those like yourself who are willing to get to know us and have a genuine love for new bands music. We are looking toward the future. 

No. Title Length
1. "Verdun" 3:41
2. "Raising Arrows" 4:35
3. "Sacrifice" 5:32
4. "Molon Labe" 5:26

  • June 10th, 2019

    Self Release
Carpathia - 1912 


Bobby Drinkwater - Guitar
Andrew Miller - Bass
Samantha Alice - Vocal
Jason Barsotti - Drums




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