M.O.D. Classic is Classic M.O.D. 
By Sara Lambeth

It all started back in the '80s with four young guys in a band. That band is M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction), with S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) vocalist Billy Milano, the axeman Tim McMurtrie, all-about the-bass man Ken  Ballone and sitting at the throne, Keith Davis. The year was 1987 and M.O.D. made their debut with "U.S.A. for M.O.D." and what a debut it was. 

"U.S.A. for M.O.D". is a blend of lyrical comedy and shock value offensive enough to make P.C. Principal  (Yes, that is a South Park reference) faint. The songs ranged from six seconds to just over five minuets long and helped fuse together thrash metal and hardcore punk rock into what became known as the crossover genre.M.O.D. confronted things that made you uncomfortable by showing you it's OK to laugh. 

Fast forward three decades and the birth of M.O.D. Classic. In a matter of weeks Tim McMurtie and Ken Ballone were joined by none other than Felix Griffin (DRI) and Donny "The DRP" Polinske (Primer 55), began rehearsal and hit the road  under the name M.O.D. Classic performing classic M.O.D. songs.

Billy Milano took M.O.D. through a string of line up changes after their debut record, however Tim McMurtie returned in '92 for the "Rhythm of Fear" album. So,to clear up any confusion, yes, there are two M.O.D. bands. There is M.O.D. with Billy Milano and there is M.O.D. Classic with Tim McMurtie and Ken Ballone. 

M.O.D. Classic came to The Nile Theatre in Mesa AZ and were kind enough to let DaBelly publisher Dave Schwartz and myself join them in their hotel room. Tim and Ken shared the past, present and future of M.O.D. Classic in the featured video interview. They were the nicest guys and couldn't be more appreciative of their fans. 

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DaBelly Host:

Sara Lambeth

M.O.D. Classic:

Ken Ballone (bass)
Tim McMurtrie (guitar)
Donny "The DRP" Polinske (drums)
Felix Griffin (vocals)

Filmed On Location:

The Underground - Mesa, AZ..

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