The Hu – Enforcing Their Gereg
by Dave Schwartz

You must have heard of “The Hu.”  Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar a.k.a. "Gala" (lead throat singing, morin khuur),  Enkhasaikhan Batjargal a.k.a. "Enkush" (lead morin khuur, throat singing),  Nyamjantsan Galsanjamts a.k.a. "Jaya" (Jaw harp, tsuur, flute, throat singing), Temuulen Naranbaatar a.k.a. "Temka" (Tovshuur, backing vocals) have gone viral on YouTube with their blend of traditional Mongolian songs and hard rock. 

Their first two videos released in the fall of 2018, "Yuve Yuve Yu" and "Wolf Totem", garnered over seven million views by January 2019. On April 11, 2019, "Wolf Totem" reached No. 1 on Billboard's Hard Rock Digital Song Sales, making The Hu the first Mongolian musical act to top a Billboard chart. In addition, "Yuve Yuve Yu" reached No. 7 on the same chart while "Wolf Totem" debuted at No. 22 on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs chart.

This success demanded an album so “The Hu” released its first record, “The Gereg,” on September 13, 2019. The album's title was the term used for a diplomatic passport from the time of Genghis Khan.  And a successful record demanded a tour.  “The Hu” played a string of sold out shows across North America.  On a stopover in Phoenix, Arizona, I spoke with “The Hu” through their translator, Tuga.  Check out the video. 

No. Title Length
1. “The Gereg” 4:55
2. “Wolf Totem” 5:38
3. “The Great Chinggis Khaan” 4:33
4. “The Legend of Mother Swan” 5:25
5. “Shoog Shoog” 4:01
6. “The Same” 5:27
7. “Yuve Yuve Yu” 4:43
8. “Shireg Shireg” 5:47
9. “Song of Woman” 7:17

Released:  September 13, 2019
Eleven Seven Label Group

The Hu 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

The Hu:

    Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar a.k.a. "Gala" – lead throat singing, morin khuur

    Enkhasaikhan Batjargal a.k.a. "Enkush" – lead morin khuur, throat singing

    Nyamjantsan Galsanjamts a.k.a. "Jaya"–Jaw harp, tsuur, flute, throat singing

    Temuulen Naranbaatar a.k.a. "Temka"–Tovshuur, backing vocals

Filmed On Location:

The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ.

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