Anti-Matter – From Here to Anarchy
by Dave Schwartz

Anti-Matter is an 80’s influenced punk rock band from Honolulu, HI.  They've toured and have played with VANDALS,MDC Adolecents, CH3, Phobia, Pulley, Public Nuisance, 1SM and many more.  Their ultra fast melodic punk sound is infectious has helped this band make a name for themselves in the islands, and word is quickly spreading to the mainland.  Check Out the video...

No. Title Length
1. “Flash Back” 1:08
2. “Drop The Bomb” 1:59
3. “Death To Hypocricy” 1:31
4. “I Don't Like The Taste” 1:48
5. “System Overload” 1:17
6. “The Children Shall Not Be Heard” 2:26
7. “Be What You Are” 1:00
8. “From Here To Anarchy” 1:29
9. “Fuck It” 1:01
10. “Ballard Of John And Jane” 1:18

Released:  July 17th, 2017


DaBelly Host:

Michelle Mills and Dean Lee

Vocals - Chris Pawling
Bass - Todd Mitchell
Drums - Jared Tomi
Guitar - Sean Peavy

Filmed On Location:

Cafe Nela in Los Angeles, CA.

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