Jenny Teator – Daughter of the Devil
By Dave Schwartz

Jenny TeatorJenny Teator is an emerging artist finding her way through the music industry via Nashville.  Like many new artists, she’s looking for an opportunity.  While waiting for that one lucky break she’s creating a little magic of her own by writing and releasing singles.  Her latest is “Daughter of the Devil.”  Jenny called into DaBelly and we had a chance to learn about the new single and her career. 

DB:  Well let’s get this started.  I want to thank you for calling into DaBelly today and also say congratulations on your new single – “Daughter of the Devil.”

JT:  Thanks. 

DB:  I wanted to hear all about your new single.  What can you tell me?

JT:  I got together with my friend, Drew Dixon.  I said that I really wanted to write a new song with rockin’ vibes, really gets the crowd going and has a built-in crowd participation part.  And he said – I’ve got this title called “Daughter of the Devil” that I’ve been sitting on.  And I said, that sounds perfect.  I love that.  There’s no real deep meaning to the song.  We just kind of went off that title and created a fictional story about a girl who grew up close to her dad who we painted as the devil.  So the music just kind of tells that storyline about a girl who grew up learning from her dad who is the bad guy.  There’s a robbery scene and everything.  She just kind of turns out to be this man cleaving, teasing daughter of the devil in disguise.

DB:  it makes for a very cool video.  It’s well put together and tells the story that you just shared.  You’ve got a couple of other songs out as well.  It seems like you’re taking the approach of releasing singles. 

JT:  So 2019 is the first year that I’m really on the scene as a solo artist.  Back in January I released my first song,, “Surrender.”  We’re going the single route to progressively build a fan base, to tell a story, to build my brand and to show what my vibe is genre wise.  We’ve got a lot more to come too.  So we’re slowly building me as an artist and building our fan base that way instead of releasing an entire album.  The goal is to keep people wanting more so we’re going to release a couple more singles before releasing an EP.  It makes sense to me to do it this way.

DB:  The industry to evolving right now to releasing EPs in favor of albums and singles.  Albums can be expensive and it’s easier to target an audience with a single than an album.

JT:  Yes, I mean like, who’s Jenny Teator?  If I just put out an album it probably wouldn’t do well.  You would have to slowly market it.  The industry has changed so much that an artist has to market themselves otherwise no one will know who you are.  It was true before but it’s more true now – especially today with new technologies and the algorithms.  As an artist you have to put a marketing budget aside.  If I just post something or release a song, nobody is going to find it on their timelines or discover it weekly unless it’s already getting some traction and finding new fans that way.

DB:  You’re right.  There’s so much new material being released.  I mean the good news is that it’s not as difficult these days to create and release an album.  The bad news is because it’s easier, everyone is doing it.  It is easy for an artist to get lost today.  You choose to go to Nashville to work on your musical career.  Talk a little bit about choosing Nashville over Los Angeles or New York.

JT:  I fell in love with Nashville when I went there for my 21st birthday.  I told myself that I would one day live in Nashville and pursue music.  It just felt like home to me.  I mean, its Music City so it really depends upon what direction you’re going.  If I were a producer, a lot of producers go to L.A.  There’s a huge pop scene in L.A.  But I was looking to get better as a songwriter.  Music City, Nashville is saturated with so many talented songwriters.  I wanted to grow as a songwriter myself so one of the first things I did was learn more about songwriting.  Everyone here is so amazing and willing to collaborate.  It’s like a huge community.  People aren’t competitive.  I just had a very warm welcome while I was there.  People are so nice and the food is incredible.  It just really felt more like home to me than a really busy and expensive city like L.A.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved L.A. too but it just felt right to be in Nashville.  For what I was going for and wanting to grow as a songwriter, for me Nashville was the scene to do it.

DB:  That make perfect sense.  What are you doing on the performance side?  What are you doing to get out and sing your songs?

JT:  I do a lot of Writers Rounds in Nashville.  I have various shows around Nashville as well.  I’ve been at some very cool venues here in town like the Distillery and the Basement but mainly I’m touring and I’ve been doing a lot of house concerts on the side and that has been amazing.  I’ve been touring with two of my best friends who are also artists in town, Sheridan Gates, who is a country artist and then Meg Williams who is a blues artist.  Meg plays with me a lot and we all know each other’s songs so we’re taking Nashville Writers Round on the road and doing these intimate house concerts.  We reached out through family and friends to see who would be interested and we’ve built this incredible network of people and now it’s snowballing.  The exposure has been great because you can totally listen to the story behind the song and you’re connecting to someone who is five feet in front of you.  It’s something that every songwriter lives for – to be heard and you want your songs to be heard.  We’ve done a lot of this over the past year.  We’ve traveled everywhere and that’s been keeping me busy while I’m building my own solo career releasing songs and playing some band shows.  It’s been really cool to build a fan base that was too.

DB:  I noticed that you have a couple shows scheduled in Southern California January during NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants Convention).

JT:  I’m really excited about NAMM.  The show is on January 15th.  I’ve been to NAMM twice before and, as an artist, you can apply to play there.  I think Meg was the one who told me about it.  So I applied but didn’t think anything of it.  I was surprised that I was selected because thousands of bands apply each year.  It’s an industry convention and really good exposure.  I’ve got a 40 minute set on the 15th in the Hilton which is right at the convention center.  And just going to the convention itself will be amazing.  I am endorsed by Teton Guitars.  They are doing a showcase the next night on the 16th and Sheridan is going to be there as well.  We are going to share a set and play for about an hour.  And then we have a house concert on the 18th.  It’s going to be a full week and I’m really excited.

DB:  What an excellent opportunity for you to play NAMM.  As you know, EVERYBODY is there.  You’ll be playing in front of some very important people and this should open some doors for you.

JT:  I know.  I hope so!  It’s going to be really fun and I’m excited to show everyone.

DB:  So what else do you have planned for 2020?  Will you be doing anymore recording and touring?

JT:  I just recorded my next single.  It’s called, “Rise Up.”  I expect that will be released in March.  And I think we’re going to do one more single after that one.  And then, obviously record the last song.  And then we’ll have a 7-song EP that I hope will be released in the fall.  I’m really excited about “Rise Up.”  We’re trying to setup a tour opportunity.  That’s another big goal – to hop onto a national tour as the opener and get some good exposure that way.  We’ve been searching for the right opportunity and hopefully that will be a right move for me next year. 

Make sure you checkout this rising artist.  Jenny Teator is on the climb and a person you will more of in the coming year.  Follow her on the socials…

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1. "Daughter of the Devil" 3:06

  • Released:  2019
Jenny Teator - Daughter of the Devil 

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