Crack Rabbit - They Got Something to Show
by Dave Schwartz

Crack Rabbit - Roze Klein, Riley Macluskie, Michael Andriano and Alex Thomas - are an up-and-coming band from Phoenix, AZ.  Their new EP, "Cherry Pie," was released on July 15th and is getting local attention.  The Crack Rabbit sound is an infusion of alerrnitive and punk with a heavy dose of raw emotion.  The delivery is what you want from any band - honest and too the point. 

DaBelly met up with Crack Rabbit in this socially distanced Covid-Style interview.  Check it out...

No.strong> Title Length
1. “Ttigger” 4:47
2. “Rise Above” 3:17
3. “Jailbait” 3:48

Released:  July 15, 2020
Self Release

Crack Rabbit - Cherry Pie 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz
CrCrack Rabbit:
  • Roze Klein - Guitars and Vocals
    Riley Macluskie - Drums

    Michael Andriano - Guitars
    Alex Thomas - Bass

Filmed On Location:span>

Club Red in Phoenix, AZ.

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