Fans Mourn Eddie Van Halen’s Death
Story and photos by Dean Lee 

After his death in October, a steady stream of fans showed respect with two memorials in Pasadena, California for the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen. He was the co-founder of the '70s rock band Van Halen with his brother Alex. Eddie Van Halen had been a longtime Pasadena resident, going to Hamilton Elementary School, Pasadena High School and then attending Pasadena City College. 

Caption:  Fan in front of poster at Memorial Eddie Van Halen

Many fans left flowers, photos, candles, concert tickets and empty beer cans at both his childhood home in East Pasadena and where, as a teenager, Van Halen had allegedly carved his name in wet cement in front of a now-gone liquor store. One fan even left a Fender guitar, a similar  instrument to the “Frankenstrat” Van Halen was know for playing.

Caption:  Memorial Eddie Van Halen for at now gone a liquor store

According to research done by Pasadena city staff, the Van Halen family emigrated from the Netherlands to Pasadena in 1962. The two Van Halen brothers performed at Hamilton Elementary for the first time in the student band, The Broken Combs. By the early 1970s, they were attending Pasadena City College where, in a scoring and arranging class, they met future front man David Lee Roth. Together, with Michael Anthony, they formed Van Halen and began playing local venues around Pasadena, from backyard parties to the city's civic auditorium.

Caption:  Early photos of Eddie Van Halen and the band

Pasadena city officials have discussed renaming a street near the Raymond Theatre in Old Pasadena to honor Eddie Van Halen and/or the band. The theater was once owned by David Lee Roth's father and was a location for many early Van Halen rehearsals.

Caption:  Memorial outside childhood home of Eddie Van Halen

Van Halen, 65, died at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica after battling throat cancer for years.

Caption:  Fan with concert t-shirt at Memorial Eddie Van Halen

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