Small Town Titans - Taking The Ride
By Dave Schwartz

York, Pennsylvania - Population 44,118 plus 3 who are known as the Small Town Titans.  York is a quiet town just south of Harrisburg.  There's an Historical Society Museum that displays fine art, furniture and tall-case clocks.  The Agricultural and Industrial Museum is filled with John Deere green.  And the area’s vineyards are part of the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail. 

But there's a new attraction in town.  That rumbling that's heard off in the distance is the Small Town Titans - a power trio who love to constantly create, as well as play live.  Their new record, "The Ride," is just out although the band has been releasing singles from it for months.  I spoke to vocalist / bassist Phil Freeman.  The new record, COVID-19 and a brighter 2021 were all on the table for discussion.  Check out the interview! 

No. Title Length
1. "Rufflin' Feathers" 3:09
2. "The Man" 4:01
3. "Behind The Moon" 4:29
4. "Let Me Breathe" 5:17
5. "Universal Limits" 3:17
6. "9 to 5" 4:38
7. "Sex and Candy" 5:47
8. "When It All Comes Down" 4:19
9. "Junkie For You: Hey Mama" 3:35
10. "The Ride" 8:10

  • Release:  November 13th, 2020
    AntiFragile Music
Small Town Titans - The Ride 

Small Town Titans

Phil Freeman - Vocals/Bass
Ben Guiles - Guitar
Jonny Ross - Drums

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