NAMM 2021 - MOOG Model 15
By Dave Schwartz

5 App: Now Available for macOS Big Sur

Introduced in 2016 as the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis educational tool created exclusively for iOS, the Moog Model 15 App is ready for the big screen.

This free update, available for Mac users running Big Sur, makes it possible to recreate the sounds and workflow of the legendary hardware Model 15 modular synthesizer through Audio Unit v3, or as a standalone sound design tool.

  • Each facet of the Moog Model 15 has been meticulously recreated in this application to ensure the power and transcendent sound quality of each module remains intact.
  • Seamless integration with Logic, GarageBand, and MainStage for use in studio and live performance environments.
  • 7 new built-in tutorials encourage the exploration of modularity, introducing synthesis concepts and unique scenarios an artist would not encounter with hardwired synthesizers.
  • 80 inspiring new presets, available to download as a free expansion pack, with a range of styles that will inspire both budding synthesists and advanced sound designers alike.

This added universal compatibility is now included in all future downloads of the Model 15 App (at the same price). If you already own the Model 15 App on your iOS device, no additional purchase or upgrade is required to use the app on your Apple Silicon or Intel based Mac laptop or desktop; simply download it from your previously purchased items and begin your next sonic adventure.

   Download the App Here

Moog Model 15 App

More about the Model 15 App

The Moog Model 15 App is an iOS and macOS version of the iconic, ultra-powerful 1970s Model 15 modular synthesizer. Designed to evoke the joyous experimentation and sonic bliss of its predecessor’s vintage hardware, this app meticulously recreates the look, feel, and sound of its highly expressive analog namesake.

The Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App features both monophonic and four-voice polyphonic operation, easily commanded via four seamlessly integrated controllers. Simple controls provide instant access to a traditional Moog keyboard, 1150 ribbon controller, eight-step sequencing arpeggiator, and the award-winning Animoog keyboard with 22 built-in scales and polyphonic modulation capabilities. Also included are extended features which expand the capabilities of the app beyond the traditional offerings of the hardware Moog Model 15, including total MIDI integration.

The character, harmonic complexity, and mystique of the instrument’s modules—from the legendary Moog 921 series oscillators and 904A Low Pass Filter to the coveted 907 Fixed Filter Bank—have been painstakingly preserved as the Model 15 app continues to evolve.

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