The Nova Hawks are Seeking Redemption
By Dave Schwartz

The Nova Hawks will drop their new album, "Redemption," on February 12 from Frontiers Music Srl.  Their offering of British rock n' roll blues is centered around the talents of vocalist Heather Leoni and guitarist Rex Roulette.  The songs are well traveled having been written in the West Midlands (where they are based), London, New York and Los Angeles. I

 “Redemption” perfectly combines vocalist Heather Leoni’s soulful voice with mature songwriting.  The songs intertwining personal memoirs of love and heartbreak, overcoming loss and life and are seasoned with the flavor of British rock, the desert sounds of California, the rawkus leads of New York City and the hazy ambience of London. 

 Leoni states: “Rex and I incorporated these themes within the lyrics to counterbalance each instrument on the album, which pave their own path too. Combined with gospel roots and exploring darker themes, this album is something we are truly proud of and we are stoked to be signed and releasing this on Frontiers.” 

Checkout my interview with Rex Roulette of The Nova Hawks…

No. Title Length
1. "VooDoo"  
2. "Redemption"  
3. "Dusty Heart"  
4. "Witch"  
5. "Technicolor"  
6. "Pills"  
7. "Run Wild"  
8. "Locked Inside"  
9. "Greed or Glory"  
10. "Love Games (Tuesday's Blues"  

  • Release:  February 12th, 2021
    Frontiers Music Srl
The Nova Hawks - Redemption 

The Nova Hawks:

Heather Leoni - vocals
Rex Roulette - guitars

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