As Everything Unfolds The Journey is the Destination
By Dave Schwartz

As Everything Unfolds have released their new single "Grayscale." The track is the latest single from their forthcoming debut album, "Within Each Lies The Other," which is set for release March 26, 2021 via Long Branch Records. 

When it came to creating "Within Each Lies The Other," guitarist Adam Kerr admits that for the band, the journey was the destination.  And the yearlong effort to cultivate their art has again bore fruit.  The release of "Grayscale" follows the band's previous singles "Hiding From Myself," "Take Me There," "Stranger In The Mirror" and "Wallow," which have collectively already garnered more than 1,200,000 streams. 

Guitarist Adam Kerr called in from the UK to tell us about the new record, hint at some Easter Eggs and reflect on their journey thus far.  Check out the interview! 

No. Title Length
1. "On The Inside"  
2. "Take Me There"  
3. "Wallow"  
4. "Stranger In The Mirror"  
5. "I'm Not The Only One"  
6. "Grayscale"  
7. "Stay"  
8. "Let Me Go"  
9. "Hiding From Myself"  
10. "One Last Time"  
11. "Wither"  

  • Release:  March 26th, 2021
    Long Branch Records
As Everything Unfolds 

As Everything Unfolds

Charlie Rolfe - Vocals
Adam Kerr - Guitar
Owen Hill - Guitar
George Hunt - Bass
Jon Cassidy - Synth
Jamie Gowers - Drums


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