Bulletproof Messenger - Finding "A Place For My Head"
|By Dave Schwartz

10 years is a long time on anyone’s calendar.  But for a band, a 10-year absence from writing together, performing together...  It's a difficult timeline to overcome.  Bulletproof Messenger has managed this timeline and after a 10-year hibernation, is emerging rested and ready to confront the evolved musical landscape.  During their absence there has been military deployments, marriages and children – life has happened for everyone in this band.  But if their new single is any indications, time won’t sate their determination to restake their claim as one of the top unsigned acts in the country. 

I spoke to Marcus Klavan (vocals) and Voley Martin (guitars and drums) of Bulletproof Messenger to find out more.  Check out the interview…

No. Title Length
1. The Divide   (April 15, 2021) 3:30
2. Round 2   (July 14, 2021) 3:45
3. A Place For My Head  (Oct 15, 2021) 3:41

Released:  October 15th 2021

Bulletproof Messenger 

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